Globalink Worldkom Branded Software

Worldkom Globalink Private Label Web Control Panel

Worldkom incorporates  fully hosted back-end web control panel under your brand name or domain name.

Part of the design process is determining the best name or domain name for your web site control panel.

Click here to register your domain to be linked to our Private Label Control Panel via Genesis  Tech DIY Store! 

If you already have a web page, you probably already realize that just posting it doesn’t guarantee that people will visit your site.

Have you ever wondered how many people visit your private label reseller website, which pages they visit most, how long they stay at your site, or what other website sent them to your site?

In fact, as the Internet matures as a marketing tool, it becomes more important to know the right strategies to get your website noticed. Search Engine Optimization is key along with secure and safe access to your back-end web control panel.

We can setup your own domain name with secure certificate to be installed on our web servers.

Your customers will login under your brand domain name.

They can manage all their services on their own under your brand name.

You can bill them in your own currency and your sell price.

You can automate your client payments using merchant services so that clients can pay and recharge their accounts in real time.

You can setup the invoices to auto charge their credit cards when bill comes due as well.

We can setup automatic online sign-up form to work with your merchant processor.

All call detail records or call history will be available to view and download in real time.

Globalink Web back-end online billing control panel can be setup in other languages as well.

Here are some of the languages we support –

Arabic, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Czech, English, Estonian, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

We can also support other languages for our  Interactive Voice Attendant.

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