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How to resell Globalink Worldkom Private Label VoIP Services?

Globalink dba Worldkom Private Label Services are primarily for resellers who want to manage all billing, technical  and customer service under their own private-label offerings.

It takes anywhere from 48-72 hours to provision a Porta Reseller account.

General information for Globalink Worldkom Reseller Programs:

We have an overview of our reseller solutions at

Globalink Worldkom Private Label VoIP Services

This is a brief overview of what we can do for you.

You can select the options that best suits your needs. Each package setup fee includes startup costs in setting up your online private label reseller web control panel and training hours required to train resellers in using the feature-rich porta switch.

Our software switch at can support multiple languages and this link provides plenty of technical documentation on how Porta works.

Click here for our A-Z VoIP Calling Rates 

Hardware and Support
Our Help Desk
You can find information on popular voip hardware configuration and technical documentation.

You can submit online requests directly to  Globalink Tech Support. This site enables direct communication via SUPPORT TICKET. Please provide detailed information for any assistance you need.

You can also CHAT with us online by scheduling for an appointment.

We’ll be glad to help you decide which program may be right for you and your unique business situation.

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We will guide through the setup.