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Helping You Sell World-Class Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) Services Your Own VoIP Reseller Business In A Box!

What is VoIP?


Welcome to our support center!

Globalink Support Website
Globalink Support Website
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Frequently Asked Questions

Globalink's Paige is your Voice-over-IP (VOIP) Virtual Assistant for all your unified communication needs.
Globalink Voip Phone Service Support
You can now get your email, voice mail and fax all in one inbox - your own Dashboard.

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Globalink's Virtual Assistant

We provide VoIP services that can integrate with your existing phone systems. We provide business, wholesale and residential services.

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PortaSwitch is an IP Multimedia Subsystem or a software-based communication services and subscriber management platform allowing modern communication network providers to unify voice, data and fax traffic within a single network. This switch enables resellers to provide prepaid, postpaid, international callback, unlimited voip plans, hosted pbx and much more all on one easy to use switch. A ready replacement for Class 5 switches, PortaSwitch consists of a soft-switch and application servers. When coupled with a Cisco / Quintum Gateway, these provide access to the IP Centrex/IP PBX feature set on Internet telephone or circuit-switch technologies.

Globalink VoIP Service Demo

Globalink Voip Phone Service Support

Globalink is a Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) carrier that uses your Internet connection to allow you make and receive phone calls. 
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Connecting to Globalink's VoIP network is easy. You will first need a SIP compatible IP phone. If you want to get started immediately, you can download a soft phone, like X-ten while you wait for your hard phone to arrive.

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Globalink works with industry standard SIP protocol IP phones. There are three types: hard, soft and firm. Since Globalink does not dictate what type of IP phones that you can use with our system, there are quite a few variations in configuration and setup procedures.

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